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Tripti Salgaonkar

Tripti Salgaonkar

Welcome to Tripti Salgaonkar's Page on Ganpati.TV 2020

Tripti Salgaonkar's Home Ganpati Pictures & Videos of every year. Also includes decoration ideas or details which they have shared. It would be helpful to others for following year.

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My Ganpati Pictures & Videos

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Ganpati Festival 2021 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2021 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2020 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2020 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2019 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2019 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2018 Pictures

This are pictures of my Home Ganpati from year 2018

Ganpati Festival 2017 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2017 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2016 Pictures

This are pictures of my Home Ganpati from year 2016

Decoration Theme: Hathi Ambari for Lord Ganesh( 2016)

Decoration Description: I made Hathi Ambari for Lord Ganesh of white elephant. White elephant symbolises wealth, prosperity and good health.This decoration shows arrival of Lord Ganesh in my house with wealth, prosperity and good health.The Hathi Ambari is further decorated with beautiful makar. Makar is painted in acrylic fabric paints and decorated with golden threads, sea shells, stone cut sequences and beautiful painted peacocks. Lord Ganesh murthi is eco friendly made of mud. It is of approximately 45cms in height.

Decoration Materials Used: Thermocol, Acrylic Fabric Colours, Golden Threads, Decorative Stone Cut Sequences, Sea Shells, Decorative Papers, Hathi , Peacock, Plant

Ganpati Festival 2015 Pictures

This are pictures of my Home Ganpati from year 2015

Decoration Theme: Peacock welcoming lord Ganesha Theme

Decoration Description: Where white peacock welcomes lord Ganesha with lotus. The surrounding is occupied with nature with trees and lotus flowers. The backdrop colour 'fresh green' also help to create a very tranquil and calm environment.

Decoration Materials Used: Shadu Mati, Paper, Paper Peacock, Paper Lotus, Light, Paper Tree, Led Light

We have created Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration in year 2015

We have brought Eco Friendly Ganpati Murti in year 2015

More Ganpati Festival Pictures Coming Soon...

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Tripti Salgaonkar

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