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However, we welcome users who would like to submit videos to us.

Benefits for submitting pictures & videos to Ganpati.TV:

1. Your pictures & videos will have global exposure.
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3. Viewers gets more ideas by watching videos submitted by other users which in turn benefits to all.

Here is the Guide which can help you on how to submit video to us.

Please note, we do not host videos. You need to upload them on video hosting websites such as (highly recommended) and submit link to us.

Click on this link to see a Video guide on how to upload videos on YouTube.

Once uploaded, it provides you with an option to email the link or share the link of your video.
Please email that link to with the following details:

1. video link. For e.g.
2. Your Full Name
3. Your Email Address (Not published anywhere)
4. Name of the location where video was taken. For e.g. Residential or Public Area including City and locality name, etc.
5. Short Description (Optional, but would be appreciated if provided.)

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