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To all our Website Visitors,

We are happy to announce the contest details for year 2018 for Home Ganpati and Sarvajanik Mandals.

Home Ganpati Decoration & Sarvajanik Mandals Contest for year 2018

Ganpati.TV has Received close to 15 Lakhs+ Unique visitors who have opened in total of 40 Lakhs+ Pages since the day we have started and growing.

Home Ganpati Decoration Contest 2018 Prize Categories

Contest is for all Age Groups. Everyone can take part including from other countries.

37+ Trophies & Certificates have been finalized for our winners this year.

Prize Categories (* Subject to change):

  • 1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize for Best Home Ganpati Decoration – Trophy + Printed Certificate
  • 1 Best Creative Ganpati Decoration – Trophy + Printed Certificate
  • 3 Best Eco Friendly Ganpati Decoration – Trophy + Printed Certificate
  • 3 Best Ganpati Decoration/Murti Created by Children below 12 Years of Age – Trophy + Printed Certificate
  • Prizes to Top 10 Best Ganesh Murtis – Trophy + eCertificate
  • Prizes to Top 10 Best Homemade Eco Friendly Ganesh Murtis – Trophy + eCertificate
  • 1 Appreciation Prize Trophy

Sarvajanik Mandals Ganpati Contest 2018 Prize Categories

Trophies + Printed Certificate will be given to winners.

Additionally, All Participants eCertificate will be Emailed to everyone who participated (Home as well as Sarvajanik Mandals) which they can print.
Our eCertificates Looks like this:

Ganpati.TV Decoration Contest eCertificate 2017

We have a Panel of 5 Judges who would be deciding the prize winners on basis of multiple criteria’s and their decision will be considered final.
We DO NOT decide winners by any votings, we think it’s unfair.

How to Apply in Best Ganpati Decoration Contest 2018

Like always, we like to keep contest rules simple as we believe in simplicity. Also note that it is not possible for us to visit every participants house, as we receive huge number of entries.

We organize this contest based on Trust and Faith. Please do not send Fake or Old photos, or Photos of others which are not yours. Finding such entries will result in Account Deactivation Permanently. This is the reason we require mandatory details of each participant which includes their Full Name, Email, Mobile & Home Address.

As always, Registration is completely Free. There are no charges at all.

To take part in Ganpati Decoration Contest 2018, simply Register with us using any of the ways mentioned below:

Only for New Members. Members who are registered, they do not need to register again. They can directly send pictures/videos.

1. Register directly by visiting
2. Email us at with your Full Name, Email, Mobile, Home Address and we will register for you.
3. Register online via Live Chat where our Support Team helps you to register.
4. Contact us on our WhatsApp Number (+91 84199 19936) where our Support Team will help you to register.

NOTE: Unless you are senior citizen, we do not accept registrations if you call us. This is due to hundreds of participants registering at same time, it would not be possible to register them via Phone call.

Note: Do not register multiple accounts, it will be of no use, as our System is quite capable to identify such entries based on pictures received. We also manually check and remove such entries.

After you register, you will receive Welcome email with verification link to verify your email account, once verified, you can login to your account.
After login, go to Profile Details from menus, and update your profile details like Address, Mobile, Name you want to Display on eCertificate.
That’s it. You are registered for Contest 2018.

How to Send Us Photos & Videos

  • Last Date to Participate & Submit Pictures/Videos is 5th October, 2018
  • When you bring Ganpati at Home or at Sarvajanik Mandals:

    1. Click 3 to 5 pictures making sure entire Decoration is visible. Also take clear picture of Ganesh Murti as well. You can send as many pictures you want. We will upload them on your page where you can see Ganpati of all your past years.
    You can email us all pictures at or also WhatsApp us at our WhatsApp Number +91 84199 19936.
    To Email us pictures kindly use same email account which you used at time of registration.

    2. We require minimum 30 Seconds or more Videos which shows your entire decoration and Ganesh Murti. This video will be uploaded on your page as well.
    You can take videos via your Camera or Mobile Camera.
    You can email us videos at or also WhatsApp us video if taken by Mobile. Our WhatsApp Number +91 84199 19936.
    If videos are big, use online services like Google Drive or to share videos to us.

    If you take video with your Mobile, Please hold Mobile Horizontal like below. DO NOT hold Phone Vertical.

    Ganpati Video Submit Mobile

    3. Kindly Mention in Email if the Decoration / Ganesh Murti were created by your Children below 12 years. We will need Pictures and Videos with the Children in it doing decoration. There is a prize category for Children as well.

    4. We also need information as mentioned below:
    a. Decoration Theme Name: ___________________
    b. Decoration Description: ____________________
    c. Decoration Materials Used: ___________________
    d. Eco-Friendly Decoration: Yes or No
    e. Eco-Friendly Ganesh Murti: Yes or No
    f. No of Days Ganpati: ______ Days. (For e.g. 1.5 Days, 5 Days, 7 Days, etc.)
    g. Ganpati Murti Roop: ____________ (For e.g. Dagadusheth, Jai Malhaar, Bahubali, etc.)

    Optional Details if you would like to provide:
    a. Gauri Ganpati: Yes or No
    b. Height of Ganesh Murti
    c. Location for its Visarjan

    For Sarvajanik Mandals:

    a. Contact Details like Names of Organizer / Teams
    b. Extra Emails & Contact Mobile Numbers

    To click nice pictures with your camera, or mobile, we have created Tips which you can read at:
    Photography tips to capture perfect moments of Ganesh Chaturthi

    Once we receive pictures, we will publish it in your account page which are framed nicely and email you details which you can share with friends and family or on Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    Contest Dates

    • Ganpati Contest starts on 13th September, 2018 (Thursday)
    • Last Date to Participate & Submit Pictures/Videos is 5th October, 2018 (Friday)
    • Winners will be declared on 9th October, 2018 (Tuesday)
    • Every Participants will be notified via Email once results are declared. Results will also be added on this URL:

    Good luck and Best Wishes from Entire Ganpati.TV Team.

    Thanking You,
    Dhruwal Patel
    Ganpati.TV Team

    Ganpati Bappa Morya & Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

    Welcome to Ganpati.TV