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Puja Varma

Puja Varma

Welcome to Puja Varma's Page on Ganpati.TV 2020

Puja Varma's Home Ganpati Pictures & Videos of every year. Also includes decoration ideas or details which they have shared. It would be helpful to others for following year.

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My Ganpati Pictures & Videos

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Ganpati Festival 2020 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2020 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2019 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2019 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2018 Pictures

This are pictures of my Home Ganpati from year 2018

Ganpati Festival 2017 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2017 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2016 Pictures

My Home Ganpati Decoration Pictures 2016 Coming Soon...

Ganpati Festival 2015 Pictures

This are pictures of my Home Ganpati from year 2015

Decoration Theme: Kalpavriksha Theme

Decoration Description: The design theme is Kalpavriksha - the tree of life. The tree is depicted in golden and silver colors with handmade pearl flowers. This tree find its mentions in Vedic scriptures as well. The color theme Ganpati's Sinduri color with contrasting Royal blue backdrop. The floral jali pattern panels with sinduri colored Ashtavinayak sitting on it, temple bells and hanging akhandjyot complete the desired temple look. The mirror paneling behind the jali adds depth and creates a beautiful design illusion for the devotee

Decoration Materials Used: Mirror, Handmade Paper, Spray-Paint, Light, Bell, Ashtavinayak Ganpati

Ganpati Festival 2013 Pictures

Puja Varma Home Ganpati Picture 1

This is a picture of my Home Ganpati from year 2013

Decoration Description: My concept was to create a strong impact on the devotee coming to Ganesha for his blessings. In order to achieve this I came up with the idea of having a light box. Due to this there is a pleasing bright light felt by the devotee which also enhances the beauty of the murti and the surrounding. This element stands out and immediately grabs the attention of the person entering the room hence removing all distractions from the mind of the devotee

Decoration Materials Used: Led Light, Plywood, Dyed Cotton Cloth, Fabric Paint, Flower

Puja Varma

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