Ganpati.TV Contest 2023 Winners

Contest 2014 Winners

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We are happy to announce the 3 winners of Ganpati.TV’s Best Home Decoration Contest 2014.

Congratulations to all winners and participants.

List of Contest 2014 Winners

Below is the list of first 3 winners.

This year we were only able to gift eCertificates to all winners and participants.

1st Prize

Participant Name: Deepak Makwana
Participant ID: 8027636
Theme: Mumbai New International Airport Terminal

2nd Prize

Participant Name: Vishal Patil
Participant ID: 4678875
Theme: Mumbai Metro Station/Train

3rd Prize

Participant Name: Sanket Gandhi
Participant ID: 4854584
Theme: Ganpati Wedding Functions and Ceremony

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