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Live Stream – Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati 2012

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(21 votes, 4.05 out of 5)
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Live Stream – Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati 2012

Credits to the original feed provider.

UPDATE: Lalbaugcha Raja Visarjan process has started for year 2012. Live feed will not be available any more.

Visit: http://www.ganpati.tv/2012/09/29/lalbaugcha-raja-visarjan-2012-information/

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11 Responses to “Live Stream – Lalbaugcha Raja Ganpati 2012”

  1. Siddhesh hendre says:

    Lalbaugchya rajacha vijay aso……..lahanpana pasun pratyek visarjanala tuzi bhet ghet ho pan kahi varshya pasun mi tuzya pasun dur zalo…..pan ata mi pudhlya varsha pasun tuzya praytek visarjanala tujhi bhet ghenar…….hi shan kunachi lalbaugchya rajachi…

  2. Siddhesh hendre says:

    Lalbaugchya raja cha vijay aso……. Lahan pana pasun tuzya visarjanala tuzi bhet ghet hoto pan kahi varsha pasun mi tuzyapasun dur zalo…. Pudlya varsha pasun mi pratyek visarjanala tula bhet ghenar………hi shan kunachi lalbaugchya rajachi……

  3. Rajshekhar Kolety says:

    Ganapati Bappa Moorya!!!
    It. Is wery exicted to see ganapati very close, as you feel that really god is sitting in front of us.

  4. bhavini shah says:

    very nice ganpati i am so happy to see live lalbaugh ganpatibapa


    ganpati bappa morya we welcome u bappa 2012 keep peace love and good health 2 all and be with us always we love u and thanks 2 lalbagh organazar for giving live steam in internet so we can see our bappa everywere thanks and bappa bless us all ganpati bappa morya love from my family friends from ISRAEL TELAVIV

  6. roshni rai says:

    ganpatibappa mauryaa aap ke live darshan pakar bahut khus hu dekhete hai aap hume kab waha bulate hai


    lalbhaghchya ganpatiche darshan hone manje bhaghyach.

  8. GULAB MANE says:

    ganpati bappa morya
    lalbhaghchya ganpatiche darshan aamhi ghari baslya pahu shakto he aamhche bhagya aahe


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